Kelvin Kyaluoko    United Republic of Tanzania flag





Business Consultancy


I am a professional Employment & business Consultant, information Marketer, soft skills trainer and Online Instructor of High income skills. As a young trainer, I am passionate about making impact and changing lives positively I've also trained over 20,000 people on different digital skills which has made them improve financially. Am happy some of them are outside Africa.. You can
have me as a friend, colleague, business partner or an employee, if your dream is big enough. My work experience are in the following fields: Soft skills 📍Digital marketing 📍Sales & Marketing 📍 Content creation 📍Training 📍 Learning & Development 📍 Education I am passionate about working with teams and businesses providing solutions, mindset sales approach, coaching and
development. I enjoy training and supporting people watching them grow as a team or an individual.

Work Experience